Tooth Sensitivity Can Be a Real Pain

posted on March 14, 2019

Do cold foods make your teeth feel like a hot mess? Do hot foods give your teeth the chills? You’re not alone. Read on for some tips to keep your mouth (and you) happy. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are many treatments available that can […]


Why Healthy Teeth Are So Important

posted on February 8, 2019

It’s children’s oral health month, and that means Peter Pearlywhites and his Family are ready to show your children how to deal a decisive blow to tooth decay. Read on to discover how to join the fight for a healthy smile today! Strong, healthy teeth help you chew the right foods which help you grow […]


Resolve to Make Your Oral Health a Priority in the New Year!

posted on January 9, 2019

This year, resolve to keep your whole body healthy by incorporating these five foods that support oral health into your diet. The holiday season is over, and everything is slowly returning to normal. Now is a great time to focus on your New Year’s resolutions. Instead of making general resolutions like wanting to lose weight […]


A Caregiver’s Guide to Keeping Your Loved One’s Mouth Healthy

posted on December 7, 2018

They cared for us, now it’s our turn to care for them. Don’t overlook their oral health. There comes a time when the tides change, and we become a caregiver to those that raised us, drove us to soccer practice, dance recitals, and music lessons. They helped us brush our hair and taught us to […]


Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Don’t Let Your Dental Benefits Go to Waste

posted on November 9, 2018

Most benefits refresh in January, and your policy benefits renew. Are you making the most of your available coverage before it expires? For most patients, dental benefits renew each January, while others renew on an enrollment date or fiscal year. Studies have shown under 3% of PPO dental plan members use all of their allotted […]


Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

posted on October 10, 2018

With a little help from your dental team, a healthy mouth during pregnancy is something that’s easy to deliver. Pregnancy is an exciting time for any woman, but it is also full of a seemingly endless list of do’s and don’ts. Thankfully, there have been incredible advancements in the dental field that help make your […]


Not Just Pulp Fiction: The Truth About Dental Abscesses

posted on September 6, 2018

A dental abscess sounds scary and can be painful, but armed with a little knowledge, it can be quickly treated and even prevented. What is an Abscess? An abscess is an infection. There are two types of dental abscesses. A periapical abscess, which happens at the root of a tooth and a periodontal abscess which […]


Electric Toothbrushes Offer One More Reason to Smile

posted on August 7, 2018

Electric toothbrushes are an excellent idea for everyone, but for people with arthritis, cognitive impairments or those who have suffered a stroke, an electric toothbrush can be a little breath of independence that gives a boost of self-confidence. Little has changed design-wise in the 2,000-plus years since toothbrushes have been around. Even the Ancient Babylonians […]


Why do Some Dental Cleanings Cost More?

posted on July 6, 2018

Not all dental cleanings are created equal. Find out why some hygiene appointments cost more than others and learn how you can save time and money in the dental chair. A “regular” cleaning is clinically called prophylaxis or a prophy cleaning and is a preventative measure to prevent periodontal disease. It includes removing plaque and […]


Things to Consider: Tooth Whitening

posted on June 1, 2018

One of the first things that people notice about you is your smile. In today’s youth-obsessed culture, a twenty-something with dingy teeth can appear older than a forty-something with a bright, white, sparkling smile. Here are five things to keep in mind as you embark on your tooth whitening journey to the gleaming smile you’ve […]