Rocky Mountain Dental Convention – January 13-15, 2011 – Downtown Denver Dentist

At this years annual Rocky Mountain Dental Convention in Downtown Dennver, Dr. David R Thurman was able to attend a three day series of lectures presented by The Dawson Academy. As the founder of The Dawson Academy, Dr. Peter E Dawson, DDS is considered to be one of the most influential clinicians and teachers in the history of dentistry.

The course which was entitled Achieving Predictable Esthetic Results was team taught by two highly renowned and respected dentists; Dr. John C Cranham, DDS (Chesapeake, VA) and Dr. Glenn E DuPont, DDS (St Petersburg, FL). The importance of occlusal equilibration; balancing and evening out the bite was emphasized throughout the course as a baseline to correct and prevent symptoms of TMJ disorder and headaches from occurring. A bite that is not in equilibration is often the source of dental instability such as excessive tooth wear, mobility and migrations, sore muscles of mastication and TMJ pain. The art of properly establishing centric relation stops without functional slides and complete anterior guidance was discussed in much detail.

The goal of the entire course was to establish a systemized approach to perform contemporary restorative procedures at their highest level. A few of the important checkpoints along the way are to establish the correct incisal edge position in relation to the lower lipline, tooth proportions, esthetic gingival architecture and tooth contact points ideal for each individual person. This can only be accomplished by proper planning so you can begin with the end in mind. Guidelines for minimal and ideal preparation of the tooth surface for dental veneers and porcelain crowns were reviewed. The best impression materials, adhesive cements, restorative porcelain options and how to properly communicate all details obtained in the patient exam to the dental laboratory were discussed.

Achieving an ideal smile requires much of planning, time, money and knowledge. I am excited to implement the additional knowledge I have obtained and offer this type of advanced and specialized dentistry all who live in Downtown Denver and the surrounding metro area.