Frenum Release in Denver, CO

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Frenum Release

Post-operative Exercises should be completed twice daily for four weeks after frenum release surgery.

Suggested Exercises
1. Stretch the surgical area (tongue or lip) up towards your nose, then down towards your chin. Repeat three times.
2. Open your mouth widely. Touch your big front teeth with your tongue with your mouth still open.
3. Look in the mirror. Still with your mouth open wide, say dar-dar-dar, now say nar-nar-nar, now say tar-tar-tar. Look in the mirror to see what your tongue or lips are doing.
4. Lick your whole top lip from one side to the other, now go back the other way.
5. Lick your whole bottom lip from one side to the other, go back the other way.
6. See how many times you can lick your lips right around.
7. Poke your tongue out as far as it will go.
8. Shut your mouth and poke it into your left cheek to make a lump. Do the same on the other side.
9. Now see if you can make your top lip fat without opening your mouth. Do the same with the bottom lip.
10. Can you go in-out-in-out-in-out with your tongue?

I had a long overdue deep cleaning, root canal/crown, AND fillings within a month. Dr. Thurman, Morgan, Kathy and staff were very attentive and kind with not ONLY the procedures and explanations but with checking up on me after the root canal. Also great at helping me figure out my insurance coverage and payments. Dental Elements is GREAT.

- Steve

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