Implant Supported Dentures in Denver, CO

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The most natural way to replace a missing tooth.

Implant Supported Dentures

When all teeth are missing or in such condition that they need to be removed, a fixed bridge anchored to dental implants is the best permanent solution. Before dental implants, there were no fixed solutions available for people who lost all their teeth. Today, it is possible to replace a full jaw with dental implants and a fixed bridge that results in a permanent, stable and high esthetic solution.



  • Lets you eat and function like having natural teeth.
  • A solid, stable solution that will serve you for life.
  • Preserves your facial appearance and prevents bone loss.


The treatment procedure and number of visits is largely dependent on your specific conditions but you can expect 8-10 visits to have a full arch bridge installed. Most patients report that they were much more comfortable following the procedure than they had anticipated. The course of treatment described here is one of several options available.

1. Before the procedure – We will thoroughly exam the site to determine what needs to be done and take one or more x-rays of the area to prepare for the procedure.


2. Installing the dental implants – Installation of the implants is normally done in a single session. Usually 5-6 implants will be used to replace the missing roots. Temporary teeth may be attached at the same time, making it possible for you to function like normal while waiting for the permanent full arch bridge to be installed. The implants will need a few months to integrate with the jawbone before the next step is taken. This time will vary depending on the implant location and esthetic demands.


3. Taking the implant impression – After the implant has integrated, an impression will be taken so the laboratory can make your final full arch bridge.


4. Attaching the bridge – The final step is the placement of the permanent full arch bridge. With a full arch replacement like this, it normally takes 2-3 visits to have the bridge completely attached. Patients who have had traditional dentures before getting a fixed bridge often describe this as an overwhelmingly positive experience. The new full arch bridge will handle all the pressure that your natural teeth did. You should brush and floss your new bridge and the gums around it as you would a natural tooth.


  • Removable, implant supported overdenture – A removable full denture that is connected to either a ball or bar attachment, which in turn is anchored on two or more implants in the front part of the jaw.  The implants help keep the denture in place and provide better function and comfort. Cost is usually the reason why this solution is chosen over an implant supported full arch bridge – although the end result can’t be compared.
  • Removable full denture – A denture that is loosely placed on top of the gum to replace the removed teeth. This alternative has no real advantages – except for its low price and easy installation. The disadvantages are many: discomfort in eating, poor esthetics, affected speech, and sore gums from denture movement. Moreover, a full denture placed in the upper jaw severely reduces the sensation of taste.

I had a long overdue deep cleaning, root canal/crown, AND fillings within a month. Dr. Thurman, Morgan, Kathy and staff were very attentive and kind with not ONLY the procedures and explanations but with checking up on me after the root canal. Also great at helping me figure out my insurance coverage and payments. Dental Elements is GREAT.

- Steve

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