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We offer all level of Stress-Free dental sedation

Sedation Dentistry

Dental Elements offers our patients several levels of sedation to provide comfort during each and every procedure.
Dental Sedation is a great option to reduce anxiety and make dentistry worry-fee. Over 60% of the population suffers from anxiety, fear of phobia toward dental procedures. These anxious behaviors lead to avoidance of care, resulting in compromised dental health. As many as 7% of the population never or rarely visits a dentist.

For some of our patients, visiting the dentist office can provoke anxiety. Nitrous Oxide, our lightest level of sedation, can help you conquer short and simple procedures.

If you have a fear of needles, cringe at the sounds in a dental office, Oral Sedation might be right for you. We can complete many moderate procedures while you are under oral sedation.

If high fear and anxiety have kept you from dentistry for many years, IV Sedation can be a great option for you. Complex and long procedures can be completed stress-free while you are fully asleep without memory. 

Dental Elements came as a recommendation from a colleague. I was looking for a dentist who offers multiple sedation options and is thorough, patient and gentle. It was a win on all four!

- Heather R.

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