I can’t say enough good things about this place.

I woke up in terrible pain Sunday night and went to Dental Elements the next morning. Even though they were busy all day, they squeezed me in during the afternoon. Michael at the front desk is incredibly helpful, friendly, and comforting which is important when you are in a great deal of pain. Dr. Thurman spends a lot of time with patients, explaining what he is going to do and what is going on. I never felt badly about the condition of my teeth, he helped me make a good plan to take care of everything. When I couldn’t wait any longer for a root canal, the office squeezed me in the very next day so that I could go home without pain. The procedure was long but they make you comfortable by giving you a blanket and setting you up with wireless headphones so you can just relax and watch TV while they go to work! It’s the most relaxed I have been during a root canal! The big bonus is that they can do the entire procedure including the crown all in one day (it usually takes a few appointments). Lastly, Josie gave me an amazing cleaning and was so sensitive to my tooth pain. She knows her stuff and is a blast to chat with too! I highly recommend this place to anyone who is hesitant about dental work.

- Laura C.

Very professional and very patient.

I’m a big baby when it comes to the dentist, and told them so before coming in. They were awesome! Had to do some pretty invasive work, yet it was the calmest I’ve ever felt at the dentist. Recommend them every chance I get!
Liked: Service

- Kaliah

Their office is absolutely beautiful, as you can see from the pictures. The entire staff is friendly and talkative and make you forget you’re at the dentist. Dr. Thurman actually did my cleaning himself rather than showing up at the end just to introduce himself and look at my teeth for 30 seconds. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

- Rachelle S.

Today was my first time at Dental Elements

and it was a great experience. My hygienist, Rena was super nice, personable and gentle on my teeth. Doctor Thurman was also very nice and took the time to talk with me and make sure I was 100% happy with my teeth. Truly, everyone I encountered today was nice and friendly, and not to mention, the office is very clean. I would highly recommend Dental Elements!

- Kayla H

Great Dentist / Hip Environment

Have been going here regularly for past 2 years for cleanings and whitenings. Friendly and professional staff and fun/hip environment.

- Anonymous

WOW! Love this Dentist and Staff

I’ve been to several dental offices and have never been treated with such care and sincerity. Michael & Nancy are great. I’m looking forward to having all of my treatment done here as well as referring family & friends. Don’t put your dental work any longer, come in and see what Dr. Thurman can do for you, you certainly WON’T be sorry.

- Karen

Tech Savvy

Very Organized and “Digital” Dentist. All the coolest equipment with a young hip team that will treat you well. Right in the heart of LoDo… what else could you want?

- Spudder07

Dr. Thurman and staff are excellent.

Plus their office is modern and high-tech which makes the dental care experience comfortable and quick.

- Aaron M

Tremendous experience

After going to several dentists in town over the past 7 years, I have finally found a winner. Dental Elements combines great customer service with the latest in technology. During my last visit I did a whitening and I barely even noticed I was there an hour due to the fact that I was able to watch two of the newest episodes of “The Office” during the procedure.

- jayc

The staff was really kind

and the dentist was the most thorough I’ve ever been to. I would recommend!

- DJ O

The customer service here is on point

from the beginning. You are greeted by the most happiest and helpful receptionist, Robin. Going to the dentist is never a fun thing to do, especially if you’re me, and she just put all my nerves to ease. More companies need receptionists like her who have permanent smiles on their faces and her positive, happy energy is just super contagious. Victoria, the dental assistant Michael who prepped me before meeting with Dr Thurman was also very friendly. She pointed things out to me to better understand what I was needing to get done and why. I then moved onto Dr Thurman who was also great at pointing things out and letting me know what was going on and why and how to fix and my options. It was a really great dentist experience and I would like to say that Robin really set the tone of my visit. Having an appointment start and end with amazing customer service is really what I look for.

- Rebecca A.

Best Dentist/Dentist Office Ever!

Everything the past reviews have said are 100% accurate. The benchmark experience that this office provides is absolutely impecable, and second to none in dentristy industry. Other dentist need to step their game up!

- Craig

I just had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday after putting it off for several years

I just had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday after putting it off for several years and was absolutely terrified. My fear was completely unfounded. Dr. Thurman had two of them out in literally a couple minutes, and the other two were out shortly thereafter. Everyone is super friendly, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my dental work. Thanks for making it a lot smoother process than I had prepared myself for!

- Gabe

Best Dentist Office Ever

Where to start? Friendly, fun staff. Cool music selection playing throughout airy, state of the art office. Hulu. Entertaining and distracting (which is good when you’re at the dentist) hygeinist. And most importantly, great dental work! I had 9, yes, 9 fillings done in 2 hours. When you experience quality, you know it. And this is quality. No one explained my teeth better than Dr. Thurman. Keep up the good work!

- Sarah

Wonderful dentistry!

I came in to see Dr. Thurman with some pretty serious sensitive-teeth issues and I’ve seen a vast improvement in the first months! Dr. Thurman, Kara and Michael make me feel like I’ve been coming to their office for years and years – they’re very personable and take the time to really care.

- Julia

Efficient, professional, friendly, even hip

I’ve been using Dr. Thurman at Dental Elements for about a year now. Their professionalism is complimented by hip, friendly office environment. All the services expected are provided, but I was not pressured into unnecessary spending. Also, the front desk has been proficient in processing insurance claims. This office is a great, convenient addition to LoDo.

- davidd

A great team to work with.

Was the easiest dental appointment I have ever had to go to. I was taken care of and given a breakdown of appointments and prices for my procedures. Nice and friendly staff.

- bon-benedictv


I recently moved downtown and wanted a dentist that was close enough to walk to. Dental Elements provides customers with a personal, compassionate and professional service with attention to detail. Dr Thurman and his team provide informative information on the care of teeth on a daily basis and ensure patient comfort first and foremost. I will recommend Dr Thurman to my friends, Dental Elements is a calm, relaxing environment for all your dental needs.

- Keith

Great staff,

great service, right in LoDo!

- nanetteb

The office is super clean

and the staff amazingly friendly. They are very attentive to detail but will work with you to make sure you get what you need done at the right times. So happy I found this place!

- Sabrina T

I like this dentist because we put on the tunes and rock out.

It’s fun. Overall they’re great.

- bbc

More than a dentist!

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Thurman since Dental Elements first opened. We have always been happy with their excellent work, but I usually am not one to remember and take the time to write a review. But they always go beyond the call of duty and it deserved being mentioned. The last time I was in for a check up, I realized (while I was literally sitting in the chair), that I had forgotten our wedding anniversary. They made a dinner reservation for us at Ocean Prime and even had the restaurant give us a surprise (glasses of champagne) when we arrived. They are a caring, considerate and friendly office and I always look forward to going there. Thanks everyone!

- laurent

Excellent for all your dental needs!

If you are in the Union Station area, this office should be your first and only stop. The entire staff is amazing!

- Chantall H

Great experience at Dental Elements.

My dental assistant always takes her time and makes sure that I’m comfortable the entire time. Dr. Thurman doesn’t just look at you for 2 seconds and decide what you should do. He takes a few days to really consider every factor of your situation and later consults you on the best course of action.

- Allison H

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I love going to the Dentist because I am very vain..lol! I was able to get an appointment the day I called for the next day. I am very satisfied with the staff, and the awesome paperless environment. Dr. Thurman is very knowledgeable about his craft, and that made me feel very good. Mike (Dental Assistant) and Nancy (Receptionist) were very informative and welcoming. I am from Chicago and I needed a cleaning and was able to get it done fast, fun and friendly. I would fly back here to go to the dentist. Love u guys already!!!

- Lerita

Personable and Professional

Dr. Thurman and Michael make it easy (even fun) to be seen by the dentist. The office is state-of-the-art and modern with a helpful and friendly front staff.

- Darlene

No one likes the dentist…..

but from the first time I walked in this office, I knew it was a different experience. The entire staff is accommodating and professional. The office is fresh and inviting. The service backs up the environment 100%. Dr, Thurman is skillful, talented, and all delivered with good humor and candor. In the past, I have never had Novocain without tears rolling. Dr. Thurman is so skillful-they were virtually painless. He gives comprehensive care in an inviting environment, and makes you feel like you were appreciated for coming. Bonus: Refer family members or friends and gift cards to yummy (non-cavity causing) places sow up in the mail! Truly a classy place. I will only go to Dr. Thurman as long as I am in Colorado.

- Tara Boertzel Schuenemann


Okay, This is the first of a five part major reconstruction. I have never been so pleased at the level of communication that I have received. The staff all across the board, is pure pleasure to work with. I am actually looking forward to my next visits..Its speaks volumes that I am writing this after I have just had an extraction less than an hour ago.

- Justin


- pattya

Dr. Thurman knows what he is doing!

Dr. Thurman is very confident and at-ease with what he does. He made an effort to really get to know me and how I had been taking care of my teeth. He offered explanations for all of my questions and provided a list of all the relevant options I had for treating my teeth. He really does care about everyone’s smile. I would not hesitate to have him perform any dental procedures on me or my friends and family. His skills are top-notch!

- Nicholas

Dr Thurman and his staff are wonderful.

They love what they do, and they make their patients feel comfortable. Very professional and great dental care.

- Cara G

Positive, Honest – Pain Free

Dr. Thurman did an excellent job. The place has a positive feel and he explained everything he was doing and was attentive to his work. Everything was pain free. Highly recommend.

- asilkin

Had a few fillings done yesterday.

Overall good experience. Enjoyed watching Netflix with headphones, took my mind off of life and being at the dentist! Very gentle dentist and caring staff! Would recommend!

- Jeff Johnston

Technology Savvy up to date office!

Dental Elements combines the newest technology with old fashioned customer service. I LOVE that their office is paperless because I am a tree hugger. They are genuine and helpful in all aspects of your dental needs. Dana, the hygienist, was the first employee at a dental office to ever tell me I have nice teeth, instead of telling me everything that is wrong with them. Dr. Thurman is personable and will share his honest opinion to help you get your teeth healthy and keep them that way. Not to mention he has a really cool new crown making machine IN the office, so you can get a crown in one visit. (And he will let you watch the cool machine that makes it) Don’t go anywhere else, they won’t compare to Dental Elements.

- katelinr

Dr. Thurman and his staff are beyond fantastic.

For someone with moderate-severe dental phobias, this is the place to be. He was accommodating, inquisitive and calming. After laughing gas and anti-anxiety medicine didn’t seem to thwart my fears for my first-ever root canal (and more cavities than I care to admit), Dr. Thurman called in his contracted nurse for an off-hours appointment for IV sedation. While he did not encourage the IV sedation, Dr Thurman made sure I was aware of the benefits and downfalls of the sedative. Everything went seamlessly. After three hours of work (ending at 9pm!), Dr. Thurman discussed the treatment plan (which was printed out as well) and personally helped me to my car (which my boyfriend ran ahead to get – downside: no parking lot!). I was practically pain free the next day – though a little woozy from the anesthesia.

BONUS: Dr. Thurman’s state-of-the-art technology allows him to fit you for a permanent crown DURING the appointment – so no back and forth with temporaries – root canals can be done in one visit. His camera/wand contraption also allows you to survey the condition of teeth in the back of your mouth, so you can see the exact issues he’s talking about and the treatment options he recommends.

Yes, the dollar figure might be larger than, say, a clinic on the outskirts of town. But you’re getting top-notch, hi-tech service from an office that is willing to work with a myriad of insurances and payment options, if necessary.

I’ve never been so impressed by a dentist and office staff, and this is coming from someone who has had top-notch NYC boutique-dentists and orthodontics their entire life (yet still possess an unruly fear, go figure). I’ve made my decision – and will continue to see Dr. Thurman as long as I’m in Denver!

- Kristen F.

Very nice first visit!

What a nice first visit to a new dental team! The office is beautiful and everyone was very friendly.

- andread

Dr. Thurman and his crew

have taken incredible care of me. Even though the prices may have been a little bit of a shock, ones dental health has no price. In the name of dental care, you get what you pay for and I have yet to be disappointed. I have been Dr. Thurman’s patient for about a year now and have never been more ecstatic about my dental health. I absolutely recommend this dentist and his practice–he truly cares about his patients on an individual level and that in and of itself is worth any amount of money. Thank you Dr. Thurman!

- alliec

First visit

On my first visit I was greeted with an inviting smile that immediately put me at ease. Through my entire visit I was well informed of what was happening and what was happening next. No surprises! After my wonderful (and much needed) cleaning Dr.T gave me some things to think about for my upcoming care. Michael did a wonderful job on cost, no surprise there either, Just honest up front here are your numbers! I’m glad I choose Dental Elements.

- anonymous

Great Experience and Customer Service

I’ve had a very positive experience with Dr. Thurman. The office is equipped with the latest technology, it’s well and conveniently located, run by knowledgeable and pleasant staff. I think as a new practice, they’re doing the right thing to attract new and retain existing customers.

- Alex

My wife and I both recently had a good deal of work we had been putting off

performed at Dental Elements (crowns, root canals, etc). We both found all of the staff to be kind, patient and caring. Dr. Thurman obviously takes pride in his work and it shows; my teeth look and feel great!.

- Eric

It was great!

I was in Denver for business and I called because I had an excruciating toothache and they took me in ASAP! I soooo appreciated the squeeze into their busy day not only were they extremely nice and helpful, I had no more pain! Too bad I don’t live here! 🙁 I’m back home in DC now and I’m feeling great thanks to Dental Elements!

- anonymous

Nothing but awesome dental experiences!

I have had some pretty bad dentists before, so I was scared and cautious. I can only say that dental elements has been a breath of fresh air. Moving to Denver I was very cautious about who I wanted to choose to do some work on my teeth. Needless to say, I really don’t think I could have chosen a better dentist for my continued care.

- jent

Beautiful office with beautiful people!

The dental office is beautifully furnished, spacious and has modern equipment. When you come through the door Nancy gives you a warm greeting. Dr. Thurman is professional, kind and has a great sense of humor. (I have been getting my old fillings replaced and also deep cleaning, since I am now pushing sixty!) Christine and Michael are very good at what they do and I always leave with good instructions from them for what I need to be doing. Couldn’t ask for anything more!

- susans

Deep Cleaning Experience

I’ve never had deep cleaning of my gums before. Unfortunately I had to go through it and I was really nervous. But Cassie was wonderful! She was through but gentle. I didn’t even have any pain after the numbness wore off. I highly recommend Dental Elements!

- christyc

Incredible experience

When my wife( Hailana) and I met with Dr. Thurman, he was very clear about the different options and the costs of each. And all went as he said and we are so happy with the results. Dr. Thurman and his wonderful staff ( Dr. Michael) made our visits actually be pleasant experience! They are professional, answer questions, make every effort to make you comfortable, and make each visit pleasant. The office location is wonderful and accessible ( Downtown [LoDo] Dentist – Denver Colorado ), outstanding decor and paintings.The website is precise, clear, and interesting. We found information that helps us to make more informed decisions about our oral health needs. Thanks so much to Dr. Thurman and his wonderful staff for making our visit enjoyable! Ashraf Diab & Hailana Ben Ali ( Love libya !! ^_^ )

- المرج القديم ‎

I had never received such a thorough exam…

I never could have caught problems as early as I did had I still been at my old dentist. If you think your dentist may be breezing through your cleanings without taking the time to examine each nook and cranny, these are your people.

- Mike

Extremely satisfied patient!

Like most people, I detest going to the dentist and have been putting it off for way too long. But today I had several fillings replaced by Dr. Thurman at Dental Elements, and could not happier with the experience. I had already had a basic cleaning, so I was ready for the inviting atmosphere and great staff, but today I left completely impressed with Dr. Thurman’s skills as a dentist. The experience was painless and fast, and the result is perfect. I’m done procrastinating, as I have finally found a great dentist.

- crauchway

Love this office,

everyone is friendly and very helpful. Dr. Thurman is great!

- anonymous

Went in for a dental implant on 5/17.

The procedure took just under 1.5 hrs. I was extremely nervous, but Dr. Thurman and team made me incredibly comfortable. Dr. Thurman even took the time to explain the entire process to me and even showed me photographs of the process afterward. I was comfortable, taken care of, and eased in and out of the process without any problems. Honestly, if I didn’t already take the next day off, I could have easily gone back to work. I was SO fearful of Dental Implant “surgery” but it was a breeze. Nothing to be afraid of, especially at this office.

- Schmitty

Great staff, great service.

Love them!

- Athena W

Dr. Thurman is a top professional in his field

and does high quality work on all procedures. The office staff is friendly and accommodating.

- John Joseph

Looking for a dentist? Look no further.

Convenient, friendly, and genuine care! Dr. Thurman and his staff are knowledgeable, patient and took plenty of time to explain any problems/suggestions they have for you.

- Lauren

Great Cleaning

I have tto have quarterly cleanings to improve my gum to teeth clearance. Since I started having them, all my conditions have improved.

- jasonw

All of the work my wife and I have had done here has made us both very happy.

So it might be a little more expensive than another dentist, but I am willing to pay for the technology and quality of work we have experienced.

Overall, I love the location and the office. The staff has been incredibly helpful and they are very thorough with everything. Dr. Thurman has always walked through everything he is doing so we always know what is going on. When it comes to billing, someone has always gone in the office and shown us a breakdown of all charges.

As long as it remains convenient for us to continue going here, my wife and I will.

- Brian J.

I went to Bright Now in Downtown Denver

and they were terrible with helping with insurance to took advantage of me with their inital dental evaluation. I ended up randomly walking into Dental Elements b/c it is close to my work and they have been amazing. They are super friendly, professional, and care about their patients. I would recommend Dental Elements to anybody who is looking for a dentist!

- eric

Quality Service!

Scheduling here is easy and flexible, they are super responsive. I use to hate going to the dental office before finding Dental Elements. The staff, including the front desk, are knowledgeable, honest and genuinely there to help. Josie is my hygienist and just love her! She is so sweet, accommodating and thorough with my cleaning. Dr. Thurman keeps you on track on any procedures you are looking to do and is very patient with answering questions. They are very organized and work with you to create a quality treatment plan, I appreciate complete breakdown and transparency of the plan–no hidden agenda. Thanks Dental Elements!

- Ann N

By far the best dental office and team I have ever worked with!!

You can tell they care about you as a person, not just as a patient. This is the first office where I’ve known everyone’s names after being there twice. Michael is hilarious and makes you feel very comfortable and well taken care of, Josie is one of the best, most considerate and experienced hygienists I’ve ever met, Nancy is professional and friendly and lovely, and Dr. Thurman is talented, personable, and attentive. Beautiful office, they play great music (no Kenny G here, folks!), you can watch anything on Hulu while they work, it’s a paperless chart office, and I just feel very lucky to have found them!

- Liz

Great Dentist

Dr. Thurman has a great practice in Lodo. The whole experience is just top notch. The staff is friends and personable, the surroundings are comfortable and modern, the latest equipment provides first class service, and Dr. Thurman does excellent work and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone.

- kt_trujillo

Why go anywhere else?

If it’s something other than a cleaning, I’m usually not thrilled about going to the dentist. Not so with Dental Elements. I had a couple fillings done and was in and out in about 30 minutes. Zero pain, and I got to watch 30 Rock while I was having it done. How great is that? The beautiful office could not be in a better location either. I have absolutely no trepidation about my upcoming appointment to have my wisdom teeth out. I’ve put it off for years but after two visits to Dental Elements I feel perfectly comfortable with having it done. Thanks Dr. Thurman!

- Gabe

Dentist and staff are super nice.

They are very attentive to detail and really do care about your hygiene health. Staff responds to phone calls and emails promptly. I will continue using this office for my duration in the Denver metro.

- Gary H

Dr. Thurman is a true artist

and the best dentist I have ever seen. His work is impeccable and he is caring, gentle, and accomodating. This office staff is warm and friendly, in particular, Dr. T’s dental assistant Michael, will go out of his way to make you comfortable and careful. I had some dental fear and since I started working with Dr. Thurman and his team, that fear has vanished. Going to the dentist does NOT have to be traumatic!

- lornas

Very courteous staff.

No waiting. Thorough cleaning. Overall a great experience.

- Brooke R

There are multiple reasons people come to Denver for Dr. Thurman to do their dental work…

the outstanding staff, the beautiful state of the art office, the atmosphere that almost makes going to the dentist something to look forward to – Dr. Thurman is an artist and not your usual dentist… plus he can redo a crown on the same day. Highly recommend Dr. Thurman if you’re looking for something simple like a filling or to have your teeth and smile look perfect!

- Patricia A Alexander

I was in need of extensive dental work.

Dr. Thurman was my salvation. He is very skilled, pleasant, professional and he does a top notch job. I would definitely recommend this dental office to my family and friends.

- Donna T

The office is beautiful and clearly the technology is top notch. But what made the greatest impression on me was the warmth and friendliness of everyone who came in contact with me. I was really blown away. Nancy at the desk was as sweet as can be. I met with both Michael and Dr. Thurman and was blown away by the amount of individual attention I got. I’m definitely not used to that. I really appreciate the level of detail Dr. Thurman uses to explain exactly what’s going on. Although it wasn’t the prettiest sight, when he used the camera so I could actually see my own teeth, I really felt like he was giving me more information to make empowered decisions about my care. It can be a hassle to find a new dentist and you never know until you go, how you’ll like it. I am so glad I picked this office and have already recommended them to a couple of co-workers and a neighbor.

- Julie Y.

Just moved to Denver and my husband found this wonderful practice.

The entire experience with Dr. Thurman and the team has made the not-so-fun task of going to the dentist manageable and a pleasant experience.
- Danielle T

Great office – great Dentist!

Love the staff!

- HBryan

Nice office.

Very high tech. Friendly staff.

- lancek

Fantastic Place!

Love it here – professional, cool, and always friendly. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

- Josh

AMAZING Experience at Dental Elements!!

Dr. Thurman, Michael, and Nancy are amazing! Not only is the office very inviting and trendy, but the staff goes above and beyond to make your experience unique, not to mention doing a spectacular job on your teeth! I have recommended this office to all my fellow coworkers and friends. This is by far the best dentist office in Downtown Denver!

- Jessica

Dr. Thurman and his team are all super-friendly

and fantastic at their jobs. And they explained everything – both medical and financial – clearly to me before doing anything. Plus I’m a little jealous of their awesome office decor. I don’t avoid going to the dentist anymore.

- Jason J.

Awesome in every way

This is the best dentists office that I have ever been to. The staff is friendly, funny, and professional and the space is gorgeous. Close to home and awesome = winner

- giovannis

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Thurman.

I have had alot of work done in his office & being a nervous dental patient his entire staff always help me to feel not quite so anxious. My teeth look better than they ever have!!! When I was having a difficult time making a decision about whether to pull my wisdom teeth or have them filled Dr. Thurman took the time when I just dropped in to discuss the matter with me. You won’t go wrong choosing Dental Elements and Dr. Thurman as your new dentist!!!

- Ruth

great staff and excellent equipment

I love the modern clean setup with all the technology made available to me.

- Anonymous

Uber Urban Dentist

Amazingly hip and and tech-savvy office. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to go the distance to make your dental experience as relaxing as possible. New equipment, a paper free office, dance club sound track and Hulu while in the chair make this by far the best dentist I’ve ever visited.

- member

As good as going to the dentist can get!!!

David, Michael, Dana and Nancy are so warm and friendly. They offer every modern convenience for you to relax and even enjoy getting your teeth cared for.

- carolb

High tech, friendly, awesome decor

Best dentist I’ve ever been to. Dr. Thurman, Michael and Kara are all terrific. Getting to watch Hulu while my teeth were cleaned was a nice touch, too.

- Jason

Fantastic dentist

Dr. Thurman, Josie, Michael and Nancy are THE BEST. The office is clean and very modern. They are on time. Ask for the “sandblasting”. Your teeth will never feel cleaner. Also, great for tweens/teens. They have TVs in each chair with Hulu!

- coling

I am so pleased with the dental work I have received at Dental Elements.

Such a fantastic staff- Michael, Nancy, and Dr. Thurman are top notch. I had some previous dental work done by a less qualified dentist and was not pleased with the results. After having a new crown put in at Dental Elements, I am more confident than I have ever been with my new smile.

- Becca

Best Dentist I have ever been too.

The staff is incredible (helpful, nice and caring) and you don’t feel like you are at the dentist – that is the best part.

- LaraGDav

Best Experience Always

We’ve been going to Dr Thurman for 2 years now. Every experience has been great. Dental Elements and their staff feel more like visiting family then going to the Dentist. The most recent visit, I took my daughter in for her wisdom teeth to be removed, and I knew she was in good hands. I recommend Dental Elements to anyone and everyone.

- natashat

Super clean, friendly staff!

Plus you get to watch Netflix during long appointments!

- Jordan D

The front office was very prompt

about getting me in for an appointment as soon as possible. After expressing my concerns during my check up Dr. Thurman let me know he was going to come up with a plan and I felt heard. The dental hygienist was also super sweet and very helpful. She really made me feel comfortable.

- Anyeli A

Impressive mix of cutting edge technology

So good to see a dental office that is using computer tech in their office in a friendly and efficient manner. They will never “lose” your chart, it will always be legible and you are able to go over your xrays and treatment choices on a large screen with the dentist. Seamless! Convenient downtown location and a brand-new, immaculate facility. Dr Thurman spent a good chunk of time explaining the findings of my exam and treatment options without appearing rushed (a rarity these days). And yes, watching television while having your teeth cleaned is a welcome distraction! By comparison, other dental offices are falling behind the times.

- Lea

Best dentist ever.

Hands down!!!

- Susan Pacek

I recently had a bunch of dental work completed by Dr Thurman – wisdom teeth, a shameful amount of cavities, and cleaning and whitening. He did a great job! A few of the cavities were potentially too big to fill, which would have meant root canal work – thankfully Dr Thurman managed to fix things without the need for that! The whole team is really nice (Michael and Kara) and I am really glad to have found them! They are very well located, and the offices are extremely pleasant! Being able to watch Hulu while they worked on my teeth was a great distraction!!

- Simon J.

I’ve been to many dentists over the years

and Dr. Thurman is the most competent, best at explaining the treatment, and most personable. The same goes for the staff.

- Karen

This place is amazing!

Good services, good atmosphere, and a great dentist. Every time I go I am more than satisfied with the results. Most of the tedious work that I needed, has been done in just one day, which has saved me so much time. They also are very good at telling what they need to do, when they need to do it and how much the procedure will cost you. You will always be satisfied with the quality of their work.

- irina elera


I rarely make public any comment I have good or otherwise but I did want to let you know just how enjoyable our visit to your office was. We are actually looking forward to returning! Imagine that….excited to visit the dentist! Thanks!

- candicem

I actually had fun!!!

I had an exam and a deep cleaning done. The staff kept me laughing and relaxed during both of my visits. I loved that I got to watch TV while they worked. They even called my friend for me to arrange transportation after my cleaning!!! I sang a solo for a school performance the following day and got many, MANY compliments on my “charming smile”! This place is amazing and I highly recommend it!!!

- Isaiah

The office is clean, modern, and welcoming.

The office is clean, modern, and welcoming. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful! Since I switched to Dental Elements, I actually look forward to going to the dentist. I would recommend Dr. Thurman to everyone!

- Lexi

The Best!

Dental elements offers the whole package – friendly, professional, caring service, state of the art equipment and techniques, and a lovely setting. Dr. Thurman and his Assistant Michael are committed to providing excellent care in a safe and comfortable environment. For quality dental services anywhere in metro Denver, the trip downtown would be worth it.

- PS

Excellent experience with Dental Elements!

I went here for the first time for a check up and cleaning. The staff was very friendly and professional. I also like how clean and high tech the office was. Great location in downtown, very convenient to walk to especially if you work or live downtown. I highly recommend going here for all your dental needs!

- Allison K

Stunning equipment and an outstanding team…

Wow, this is finally the dentist I have been searching for my entire life. I had terrible dental insurance and I have always had a violent gag reflex, so naturally I feared going to the dentist for this reason. Finally a great job opportunity came along with great dental insurance and I could go back to the dentist. I had a deep cleaning and 2 fillings during my visit and the fillings were completed very quickly. Who loves watching their favorite shows on Hulu? well at this dentist you can and its wonderful. Dr Thurman is very professional and enthusiastic and Michael is probably the most caring and friendly Hygenist you could possibly ask for.

- erikeklof1

SO Professional and kind

I went to this office for my first dental visit in at least 4 years, and was visibly agitated when they got me in the chair. They continuously calmed me down and ensured I was in no pain, etc. The dentist explained the issues I had and the numerous ways to treat and pay for the treatments that he felt would be necessary. I’ve never felt so welcomed and comforted by a dental practice in my life. I went to the office 6 hours ago and have already taken the opportunity to recommend them to someone.

- kalih

I highly recommend Dental Elements & Dr. Thurman.

Their office is super clean, modern, and green…with great ammenities like Hulu to distract you from the dental work being done. Everyone is genuinely friendly. Everything is always on time…little to no waiting ever.

Like the other review says, Dr. Thurman does the cleanings himself and explains everything well. They really care about your dental health and aren’t pushy.

- Gilda Z.

Great Service

They did a great job for my cleaning and their equipment is state of the art!

- anonymous

Super cool and nice and pro

Josie is the Best. I love her!!!

- dereks

The staff was very friendly and engaging.

Dr. Thurman was extremely thorough in assessment and explanation of the steps going forward.

- Ryan P

Really Fast

I went in for a check up to find out I was in need of a root canal! The very next day, less than 24 hrs later I was having the root canal and crown taken care of. They prescribed me a sleeping pill so I wouldnt be in pain and when I woke up I was home in my bed with no pain. AMAZING!

- claireb

I had to have emergency root canal

on a capped tooth, Dr. Thurman was amazing. The office staff and his assistant were also excellent.

- tedg

Josie and Dr. Thurman made me feel right at home.

I will be a life long patient at Dental Elements. You guys are great!!!!

- shawnw

Best Dentist in 30 years!

I have not been happy with a single dental visit for over 30 years until now. Dental Elements Staff actually seem to care about their patients. They may have cured my fear of Dentists! would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!

- John BC

Having visited Dental Elements twice,

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their chair-side manner, their use of technology, and their availability. I’ll definitely go back for more work.

- John Hersey

Awesome office, awesome people, awesome experience!

Definitely recommend to anyone!
Liked: Love it!

- jennett

Excellent care from an extremely compassionate and competent team

I could not be happier with the care (cleaning, filling, crown) and advice from the team that took care of me at Dental Elements. The cleaning was the BEST I’ve ever had (not only did my teeth feel incredibly smooth, they were noticeably 2-3 shades whiter, due to the cutting edge cleaning device they use). The staff took the time to ease my anxiety over the procedures. And, they gave me plenty of tips on how to care for my teeth to have the best long term results, without pushing expensive treatments on me. This is the best dental experience I’ve ever had in Denver, and I will never go anywhere else again.

- smithas

the perfect amount of professionalism

I take my dental health seriously and was disappointed with my previous dentist. Dr. Thurman and his staff have taken it to the level of medical professionalism I’ve been looking for. Plus their office has incredible decor and paintings!

- Sunna

Dental Elements

Love this practice! They take such great care of us.

- carolb

State of the art technology

so if you want to use the newest procedures this place is for you. Really clean and beautiful office David shows you everything that’s going on and explains what he’s doing/seeing in your mouth. I’ve never learned more about my teeth. Josie rocks!! Really nice and did a good job cleaning my teeth.

- Simone Johnson

Dr. Thurman’s office is bright and clean.

They have great music and private TVs to keep your mind off the procedures. EVERYONE who works there is pleasant. They are care and efficient. While I used to dread going to the dentist, I don’t anymore. Thank you!

- julieg

Front Tooth

My teeth are a really big deal to me, and recently I was reminded in a photo that one of the two fronts was fading to gold. My wife finally convinced me to make a change, and Dental Elements did such a professional job that I am often caught staring at myself in the mirror. Thank you for providing state-of-the-art care for a guy who fears ALL dental work!

- kennethd

Happy Patient

I have a severe fear of dentists and do not like going, but Dr. Thurman and Michael always make me feel safe and comfortable. I have had some pretty serious dental work done with Dr. Thurman and have never had a problem with any of the work. I would recommend Dr. Thurman to anyone!!

- Erika

They sure make dentist visits a pleasure

Dr. Thurman and his staff offer state-of-the-art practices and equipment. Their procedures are very thorough and painless. Painless being the best possible outcome in a dentist visit. I enjoy their laid-back style knowing that they are serious professionals. I like the way Dr. Thurman discusses his observations, makes recommendations, and together we make the plan. I have recommended Dr. Thurman and that person was impresses as well.

- Viveca

Great team.

- fabians

LOVED the paperless aspect of the office.

LOVED the paperless aspect of the office. You can watch Hulu during your visit and Michael, Nancy and Dr. Thurman are incredibly friendly and understanding! This is definitely not your ordinary dentist.

- Jessica

Beautiful office and Great team.

He did a great job for my little girl! This is the place I definitely recommend.

- Onon

This place embraces all the tech a dentists office can

This place embraces all the tech a dentists office can, and everyone in the better for it. Laughing gas, high tech spa-like service, exact insurance information, and they send emails and txts to your phone reminding you of appointments. My 3 kids LOVE it there too – and appreciate how they can watch their favorite TV shows while they get worked on. I have been to many dentists in downtown – and this place is without doubt the TOP choice for all of us!

- bigredboots

This place is worthy of your teeth and time.

Have been going to Dental elements for about two years now, very happy with the quality of services, anything from regular cleanups to having all four wisdom teeth removed in one visit. Conveniently located, highly recommended!!

- Alex

I have not been happy with a single dental visit for over 30 years until now.

Dental Elements Staff actually seem to care about their patients. They may have cured my fear of Dentists! would HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!

- John Crossley

uh oh! it’s the Dentist!!!…. run!!!…Run to Dental Elements.

hey! I made it out of there alive!! ;o) It’s been 6 years since I lost a filling eating some taffy and even longer before “voluntarily” going in for a checkup or cleaning. “I do not like dentist’s” I told everyone there I am what Jerry Seinfeld says, “an Anti-dentite.” but Dr. Thurman, his staff, and the “Elements” there made me comfortable! He and the staff were very friendly. I’ve changed my mind about dentists (singers singing Hallelujah!) LOL!! I had a wisdom tooth pulled watching TV in the chair I sometimes forgot he was pulling ,yanking, cussing and stomping his feet trying to get my tooth out. I AM JUST KIDDING, that was my old dentist!! and that was years ago! Today I feel great! If you are reading this and are “like me” trust me when I say, this is the place to run to! now…off to the Golf course!!! thanks guys!

- jeffreyr

Another great experience at Dental Elements!

Josie, Michael, Dr. Thurman, and the rest of the staff were amazing!! Thanks again for today and going forward!!!

- Amanda T

This place is the straight dope!

Michael is cool too! Thanks again.

- Evan T

Highly Recomended Dentist in Denver

From the moment I walked into Dental Elements, I felt comfortable. The atmospher is very modern and clean. All the employes greet with a professional attitude. They desinged the office in such a way that you dont feel threatend at any point in the apointment. The Dentist is the best in the whole city. He finds and corrects many things other dentist have missed in previous apointments. My mouth is feeling GREAT now! Thanks Dr. Thurman.


Great Dentist

Very modern office, hulu while you’re in the chair, and cool people working there. Whats not to like? Also, its super close to my office downtown, a huge plus.

- Dan

I love my hygienist Josie :)

and overall Michael and Dr. Thurman are best at what they do too, thank you guys!

- Alex V


It’s the coolest dental office I’ve ever been to! You’ll feel here like a movie star! The technology offered is mind blowing! I could actually see close-up of me teeth from a live streaming camera and Doctor Thruman showed me where the problem areas are and explained to me what’s going to be done during my next few visits. Everything was painless and with the staff’s friendly attitudes I couldn’t ask for more. They will treat you like a great friend and their #1 priority. Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for a great dentist!

- Magdalena

This team has done lots of work for me, and I still have much to go.

Dr. Thurman takes his time and understands what it means to be a great dentist. I had two root canals (one was a major infected mess that most dentist would never even consider recoverable) and so far all has been well with both. Several important fillings, several more to go, and eventually a night guard till smooth sailing for my teeth. I trust Dr. Thurman and his staff and will continue to seeing them through all the highs and lows.

- Andrew Warntjes

Love this office!

The staff is very friendly and experienced. Being new in town I was nervous about finding a new Dentist, but now I’ve found my new dental home! 🙂

- Karla P

The staff is always very friendly

and the office environment is comfortable and clean. The best part is how efficient their process is, as I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes. I would definitely recommend Dental Elements to anyone in the area.

- Brian K

AWESOME dentist!

Upon my arrival, I was very visually pleased with the decor and artwork, as well as the professional, kind, and efficient staff. Dr. Thurman is so personable and nice and of course knowledgeable in his field. I was very impressed and would recommend this office to anyone!

- jennettl

Dental Elements is a great dental practice conveniently located in Lodo.

The office is sleek and modern and has state of the art equipment, from paperless billing to nice TVs at each chair. The team was extremely friendly and made a trip to the dentist seem less scary. My teeth still feel clean a few days later!

They are also honest when it comes to extra work and take the time to go over the exact costs for their services without feeling like they just want money. I noticed that they are really savvy when it comes to social media and making sure their customers get involved beyond their office visits. I highly recommend Dr Thurman & staff.

- Sarah M.

It was very conveniently located.

I love all the technology efficiencies. I wish other medical offices would take note. They are very thorough and did a great job.

- Kellie C

Couldn’t have asked for a better visit

A friend of mine referred me to Dental Elements, as it was close to where I work and she’d had good experiences there. I’ve had PLENTY of bad experiences with dentists in the past, so I welcomed this first-hand referral. I went in for a routine cleaning, but had an interaction that was anything but routine. EVERYONE on staff was friendly, knowledgeable, fun, engaging, and genuinely interested in me and my oral health. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. In my experience, it’s rare to find a healthcare provider that has my best interest in mind, not their bottom line (e.g., pushing unnecessary treatments). Now, instead of dreading and putting off visits to the dentist, I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment (as crazy as that sounds) because I know he’s going to take good care of me and get things back to where they need to be. If you’re looking for a dentist, or even considering the smallest of exams/treatments, I would definitely recommend you give Dr. Thurman a try. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed, and your mouth will thank you.

- vanessa.louis


Due to past traumatic experiences, I developed a fear of the dentist and had not been for 10+ years. I am so happy I discovered Dr. Thurman and Dental Elements! Every person in the office was very respectful and treated me with great care. The way Dr. Thurman runs his practice is at a level by which all other dentists should be measured. I highly recommend Dental Elements and I can safely say I’ve found my dentist for life.

- Patty

There is no better dentist than Dr. Thurman!

Combine his expertise with his incredible staff and you have the top dental office in all of Denver!

- Susan P

Recently moved to Denver and was dreading finding a new dentist.

Today I had my first visit at Dental Elements. The staff is professional and yet super friendly. Checked in with me throughout my visit to see if I had any questions. My exam was very thorough and Dr Thurman took the time to explain my treatment plan in detail. Convenient location and top notch space.

- Steven S.

The absolute best, by far!

Dr. Thurman, Michael and Nancy run an amazing practice. They are always friendly, knowledgable and Dr. Thurman is the best dentist i’ve ever had. Patient satisfaction is very important here and I actually look forward to going to the desntist now 🙂

- anonymous

Wisdom teeth removed

I just had four wisdom teeth extracted and the work was amazing. I am barely swollen and have little to no blood coming from the wounded area. The medications prescribed are doing a great job and I feel no pain. I certainly recommend Dental Elements.

- dianaj

Dr. Thurman & Staff rock!

The staff are few in number, but more than make up for it in skill and customer service. Any and every question was answered, and they went up and beyound to make sure I knew how the insurance would work and what they would and would not cover. I would recommend to any and all. It is a huge weight lifted to know that I can trust my dentist (and his staff), you can tell they all work very well together LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

- Taiwah

Best dental experience by far.

I am a physician myself and am so impressed with how efficient this office is. Their office manager Nancy is pure gold and adds that touch of southern hospitality. Dr. Thurman is very talented, explains things well and knows how to encourage you throughout some pretty invasive procedures I have had. His office is totally modern and is up to date with the latest technology. Michael, his assistant, is very attentive and funny. He gives the best cleanings and is that friend you want at your side when you’re scared or nervous before a procedure. His humor and caring nature are very calming and has taught me a lot about why my own patients get so attached to their nurses. And, it’s an added bonus that you can watch whatever you want to on their individualized plasma tvs, including The Office reruns!

- cristina

Went in for a cleaning

and went great. Office is very cool, hygienist were great, and doctor was thorough and quick.

- Casey W.

Gentle and accomodating

I had to have a deep cleaning–2 hours in the chair. They were extremely gentle, and worked with me on payment arrangements.

- stevenc

Quick and Easy.

I love that my appointment begins right at the scheduled time, makes it easy when estimating how long I will be away from work.

- emmaa

I was having breakfast last Thursday

when I found what looked like a tooth in my blueberry pancakes. The server said that it looked like a tooth, and so did a passerby. How would a tooth fall into pancake batter? It was MY porcelain cap!I rang Dental Elements and they told me to come right in and they would fix it. Michael removed a blueberry from the cap and Dr. Thurman glued the cap back on —all is well! I love everyone in that office–although I did make a few squeaky noises during the gluing cause I have become a sissy!

- Susan Swegel

Great Dentist

The only dentist that I have ever looked forward to seeing. They are professional and personable. I highly recommend this office and have convinced several friends and family members to become patients.‎

- bcd

Best dental office ever!

Modern, state-of-the-art equipment, with comfortable setting. Everyone there makes me feel welcome.

- susans

Very Cool Place

After I had taken a nasty spill and knocked my jaw around I called Dental Elements due to their close proximity to my apartment. I’m sure glad I did. They took me right in the same morning that I called. The receptionist was super friendly and doctor Thurman and his assistant were awesome. It’s a place with a real modern feel and you can definetly tell that they have the equipment and the expertise that is a step above most other dental offices. They’re able to show you right then and there on the computer everything that’s going on with you and what needs to be done while you lay in the chair. Dr. Thurman puit me at ease about my jaw and you can tell he really cares about giving the patient the best care possible. Friendly knowledgable people, top notch technology, and outstanding office design make a visit to this dentist office way less of a chore. Definitely going back for all my cleanings and other work. I don’t think I’ve ever said a dentist office rocks, but this place does exactly that… It rocks.

- dylan

Something I really enjoy about going here is that the staff takes time to get to know me and is extremely personable.

They are very informative and make my cleaning painless and a fun experience. All of the technology and beautiful office is really nice too!
Liked: Service

- Kevin

Wow! What a freaking PARADISE for a dental practice.

They give you everything you need, sure they motivate you to leave with a perfect mouth, so the price in the full program will be staggering, but it’s truly up to you on what YOU want done. They are not pushy, they just know how to give all the services with you leaving with a perfect mouth! PLUS The technology they have is like Star Trek – making teeth (crowns) in house – unlike majority of Dentist. They give you all that you need to make it pain free – gas, novocain, movies, bathroom breaks, water, a blanket and a serious interest in your comfort!!! The Dentist are TOP NOTCH! They use the latest technology, are VERY GOOD at what they do, timely and do have a great concern for you and your teeth. Signing up with their in-house dental insurance is the best option! I left an hour ago, my mouth is still numb, but damn, I am impressed!!!!! Plus my teeth look fantastic!

- Deidre R.

Dr. Thurman and his whole staff were great.

They made the whole appointment relaxing and enjoyable.

- rsperez

Dr. Thurman is fantastic!!

I’ve been to plenty of dentists and I’m so glad I found him. He was so thorough with my first time visit and took the time to explain everything that was going on and all that he would be doing throughout the visit. I felt very comfortable from the moment I entered the building and met the delightful receptionist and had a blast with his dental assistant. I love that the office is truly paperless also, and watching TV during my cleaning didn’t hurt either.

- Amanada

Excellent service and experience

I recently went to Dental Elements and had a wonderful experience. The dentist and assistant are extremely professional and knowledgable. I felt like I could completely trust their diagnosis and did not feel like they were trying get me to do unnecessary procedures. (I have felt this pressure in the past from other dentists). The dentist sits down with you and personally discusses x-rays. Dental Elements offers superior service and dental care.

- chris_e1421

Excellent experience.

I was able to make an appointment through Facebook and Nancy followed up with me right away. The office is super modern, and welcoming. This is the first dental office I have visited that when I left I knew everyones name that worked there because they were so friendly! As a new patient both Dr. Thurman and Dana took an extensive record and walked me through everything explaining it in a way I could understand. Michael is a great assistnat and was nice enough to let me take breaks during a procedure since holding my jaw open for too long hurts due to TMJ issues. They have the latest equipment and then some; TVs to watch Hulu, wireless headphones to block out drill noises and make for a relaxing experience. Very well priced services for a private practice and they also accepted both my dental insurance plans. It is not easy finding a dentist that you can trust; so I would recommend them 100%.

- Rodolfo Rodriguez

Great Dentist.

The doctor placed space maintainers and multiple fillings for my Daughter. She didn’t complain once. They have the most Beautiful office and helpful and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend Dr. Thurman and his whole team!

- David

No one wants to go to the dentist

but after switching over from the hell that I have been thru before with dentists I was off the wall pleased and happy with the service and atmosphere I was given here. I never have to wait they do a good job and I can walk away knowing I had the best of care! Dr. Thurman is great and his staff is very courteous and talkative. Best dentist in Denver!

- Matt Kochar

Requested a last minute appointment

and Robin, the treatment coordinator, couldn’t have been more accommodating and welcoming. The office was clean, high tech and on schedule. I would highly recommend.

- Samantha S.

Christmas is the worst time of year to have a dental emergency!!!

Christmas is the worst time of year to have a dental emergency!!! My husband was in excruciating pain for 3 days while attempting to get into any dental office he could. I finally Googled reviews on Denver dental offices and this office came up on the top of the list. For good reason too! I called, spoke with Nancy, and explained the situation…guess what, she got him in at the end of THAT day (to which I believe Dr. Thurman stayed late for us), and set us up for an appt the next day to get his root canal started. I cannot give these guys enough credit, I’d give em 6 stars if I could.

- barquello

5 outta 5!!!

Great job as always. In the last 3 months i have had to get 3 crowns! The first with a root canal. They have been so comforting, always makign sure i have what i need to make it through the procedure. Even offered to drive me home after my most recent one as my ride had failed. Love this office!

- claireb

Good location/times/service!

I needed to find a location with early or late appointment times that wasn’t a part of a chain dentistry offices. It took quite a bit of calling around, but I finally found Dr. Thurman! I was very impressed with the service from the first time I went to see him to have a regular cleaning/xrays done. They’re so friendly and explain everything thoroughly. Sometimes it’s hard to trust a new dentist if they say you need a filling/root canal. But with them, I felt very comfortable. They take several in-depth X-rays and explain each tooth they’re concerned about and what the plan would be. Then, they come up with a plan including appt’s and cost so you can consider what works best for you. Once you’re established, it seems like they take very good care of you as a patient. The only downfall was it took me a little bit of time to get in the first time as a new patient BUT it was mainly because i was very picky about needing a 7am appt. Now, it’s very easy to get an appt. I’m so glad I found Dr. Thurman’s office and have recommended im to co-workers and friends!

- Jessie K.

Best dentist office experience…

I have generally hated going to the dentist my entire life. I love going to Dental Elements though (as much as one can enjoy someone poking/prodding/probing in your mouth, haha). They let you watch streaming shows off the internet while they work if you want while you’re being worked on…everyone I’ve met that works there is super friendly. Highly recommend this practice!

- toms

Incredible Dentist Office

What a wonderful friendly professional atmosphere. But the best part are the people who work here! Very upbeat, fun, lots of humor and above all a safe place where you know you are taken care of and where they have your best interests at heart! So glad I found you!

- Christy

Beautiful office and friendly staff.

Dr Thurman takes the time go over different options and his plan for your smile.

- Mike P

Comfort in the least comfortable situation…

Dr. Thurman and his staff made me feel so at home, comfortable and at ease even when I had to get a deep and curvy rooted tooth pulled…. I was seriously more into the tv entertaining me above than the 30 minutes of pulling a tooth! 🙂 Thanks guys and Nancy! Love you all!

- jessical

Highly Recommended

Dr Thurman is great and is staff is wonderful. Couldn’t believe how painless it was and watching TV while getting work done is super cool and atmosphere is very relaxing.

- Justin R

Awesome looking office, super up-to-date technology

Dr. Thurman and his staff are great. Came in at last minute after crown fell off, he checked it out, told me to wait until the next week. I came in and had a temporary crown in 57 minutes. Great experience! Thanks Dental Elements!

- c h.

Best Dentist I’ve ever been to!

Dr. Thurman is a wonderful dentist. He takes the time to explain whatever issues you may have by showing you the x-rays and/or photos that he takes. He then tells you his plan on how to remedy the issue. Great state of the art equipment. Hisdental assistant Michael is awesome. Michael makes you feel comfortable and has a way of making you feel as if you two have been friends for years. Going to the dentist has been such a pleasant experience since being Dr. Thurman’s patient. The office is clean, there are TV’s so you can mentally go somewhere else while they work in your mouth, they have fun music, and the office smells like fresh linen! Give Dr. Thurman a try, you will not be disappointed.

- Melisa

Went in looking for immediate help with a snapped tooth.

The front desk got me in right away, respected my needs and situation, and went out of their way to make me comfortable while getting me fixed up quickly and smoothly that same afternoon. High tech and modern. Good people. Best experience I have had at a dentist to my memory.

- Anthony Wada

Great Dentist

Short and simple, Dr. Thurman is awesome. All the equipment is new, the staff are excellent, and above all it’s a comfortable experience. I went in for a second opinion on a broken tooth and was able to get an extraction that day and without needing to come in for further x-rays and consults.

- ottah

Love Dental Elements

When you walk in you are treated like a Rock Star. Josie cleaned my teeth with the sand blaster. She is a very nice person and very professional. I had a blast!

- susans

Dr. Thurman, Michael, and Nancy are awesome!

By far the best dentist and office I’ve ever been to!

- justinm

Highly Recommended

Great great staff, clean and modern facility, high tech gadgets. It is very obvious that the staff has a great relationship with each other, and that they are happy to be a part of the team. They will always make you feel welcome and make the visit worthwhile. Dr. David is very knowledgeable, professional, and funny as well as the staff. They have exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended.

- loraineb

Enjoyed all the people at this office,

including Dr. Thurman, and love the high-tech approach. Have moved around quite a bit and been to all kinds of dental offices. At this office, I especially appreciated (1) the in-mouth camera that allowed me to confirm for myself, what I was being told; (2) being able to get two crowns measured, color-matched and designed by a CAD program while I watched; so (3) no gooey impressions; and (4) walking out 100% done within TWO hours.

- Robbie Monsma

Dr. Thurman is an awesome and patient doc

who takes the time to educate his patients on their procedures. I found him to be quite ethical and honest. If you’re looking for a dentist that tells you the truth and tries to help you figure out what needs attention now vs a year or two from now, and keeps you in the know, then Dr. Thurman is the dentist for you.

- Kristel Womack

I was on vacation in Denver and needed dental work.

Had six crowns done in an afternoon! Beautiful work, NO PAIN!! Highly recommended. Doctor Thurman is an artist and the staff is so friendly. Amazing. Worth the trip to Denver.

- Amparo M.

I found Dental Elements after being attacked by another dentist.

Well, I gave them permission, but I’d never had a dentist do anything crazy before. Backstory: I found a groupon for $39 xrays and cleaning to this “modern” place in Arvada. They gave me a filling which was basically half my tooth. Starting having intense pain a week after, I went back and they told me my bite was wrong, and that I just need to have corrected. They then grinded down four more teeth. After being told that it would get all better, I decided they were most like, “idiots”. My goal quickly became, to find the best dentist in denver, luckily things like google reviews exists, and I was able to find Dental Elements. They were able to quickly find my issue. I needed a root canal. I now, throughly distrusting dentists was of course hesitant. However they took their time to walk through the whole procedure, told me I probably wouldn’t die, and finally, I again put my teeth in a dentist’s hands, again. I will never groupon another dentist. I might groupon food, but intense pain isn’t worth savings a couple bucks. I had my first root canal. Pretty cool procedure, I’d only ever heard bad things. I got to watch family guy throughout, you can watch a different show if that’s not your thing. Hulu. Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a new crown, and the pain is gone. It was definitely more expensive then $39, but I can at least eat now. I’m fond of taking my teeth for granted. I can now get back to it. Awesome place.

- Tom Benedict


I hadn’t been to the dentist in a verrry long time, but they made me feel very comfortable. The Hulu was great, and the staff were all very personable and fun!

- Robyn

Quick and Efficient

My cleaning was quick, efficient and started within minutes of my arrival.

- jasonw

Very, very impressive on all fronts…

A visitor from Europe, I turned up at 7 am without an appointment and in severe pain from an abscess. I was received with very prompt attention and a lot of kindness by everyone in the practice. From the moment I arrived in the beautifully designed, hi-tech, paperless office and started talking to the receptionist I felt that I was in good hands. I had a very strong sense of a team of people who love working together – even at 7am! The nature of my dental problem was explained very carefully by David Thurman, who outlined the options without any pressure at all to rush into expensive treatment. Later I was sent digital copies of my x-rays and all the information I could possibly need to evaluate the potential treatment possibilities. All in all it was a very impressive experience. I couldn’t recommend this practice more highly to anyone living in Denver.

- declanq

I’ve been going to Dental Elements for 4 years,

and I can’t say enough positive things about them. I’ve had crowns and veneers done here, in office whitening, clear aligners for my teeth and a night guard made on top of regular cleanings. I feel like Dr. Thurman is really honest about what you need without being pushy. When I had a filling replaced, they even put a camera in my mouth so that I could see why I needed it. On top of their service, their equipment is top notch and I love that they are so close to where I live. I highly recommend Dental Elements!

- Kathryn Lee

Convenient and Friendly

Dr Thurman and his staff were very friendly and helpful. Instead of rushing me through a cleaning, they explained their equipment and procedures in a way that was understandable. Also, no annoying lecuture on flossing, just a thoughtfull explaination on why its important. Couldn’t be more satisfied with a dentist.

- Josh

The Best

I have had several bad experiences in my life at the dentist, until now. Doctor Thurman is great, and so is his team. Nancy greets you at the front desk and is fantastic, from there you meet Michael. Michael makes you feel like you have known him forever. When you meet the doctor he really listens to you, and wants to make your teeth exactly the way you want them, even if that is just maintenance. This will truly be the last dentist office you ever try out. WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

- Chris

Best Dental Practice in Town

Dr. Thurman and everyone at Dental Elements are fantastic. They do a great job and are considerate of patient’s time.

- julieg

Amazing – Dental Elements saved my teeth

First off, I have never written a review for anything, but I have also never had such a great experience. After a horrific experience with my past dentist, I had an extreme fear of dental cleanings… and a few cavities as a result. Dr. Thurman and his staff eased all of my fears and showed me what was going on with my mouth due to lack of dental exams WITHOUT the guilt trip I was sooo fearful of! Usually, I feel like a kid about to get yelled at when I go to the dentist, but not this time. Instead, my teeth were cleaned (painlessly!) and to a nice white sparkle while I watched whatever I wanted (I chose the Office and couldn’t stop laughing the entire visit). Dr. Thurman’s hygienist was also super funny, but still appropriate and professional. I also like that Dental Elements is a paperless company and doesn’t bother you over the phone with reminder calls, but rather, they e-mail you 48 hours prior to your appointment with a confirmation button in the e-mail that you click. This really appeals to me

- nlawren4

Dr. Thurman and his staff are fantastic,

professional and so friendly. Dr. Thurman does such amazing work and truly cares for his patients as does Michael and Josie. Great office and very clean as well!

- Rebecca D

Several of my colleagues use Dental Elements

and we have all had great results.

- jasonw

Enjoyed all the people at this office,

including Dr. Thurman, and love the high-tech approach. Have moved around quite a bit and been to all kinds of dental offices. At this office, I especially appreciated (1) the in-mouth camera that allowed me to confirm for myself, what I was being told; (2) being able to get two crowns measured, color-matched and designed by a CAD program while I watched; so (3) no gooey impressions; and (4) walking out 100% done within TWO hours.

- Robbie Monsma

Modern, clean and friendly.

Dr. Thurman is very smart; he has a great technical staff as well.

- A.J. G

Super easy to schedule an appointment,

the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, and they are really focused on preventative care! I highly recommend this establishment to anyone searching for a dentist.

- Raul O

The office is very clean,

the dental hygienist (Julia) was very knowledgeable and the discussion with Dr. Thurman had the end of the visit was very informative, more so than any other Dentist I have seen to date.

- Mark T

The first time I walked into this dentist,

I was sort of put off by the top 100 hits playing in the background, and the modern feel. I was used to my childhood dentist, which was very much plain. However, that initial feeling soon went away. They do everything electronically, so they save a lot of paperwork. They have been on-time with every appointment, they don’t run over time, and everyone has been very friendly. Nancy, at the front desk, sends out e-mail and text reminders about your appts. You can call her or e-mail for appts, which is very convenient these days. They can take an instant picture of your teeth to show you why you need to get your cavity fixed, and they answer all of your questions. They also show you your dental x-rays, and tell you what they mean with all the 1,2,3 and 4’s that they measure your gums by. They also allow you to pick a show while you’re getting your teeth cleaned! They look out for you with preventive care (night guards for grinding and preventing gum recession).

- Allison Hamrick

Dr Thurman is amazing! If you’re at all one of those people that gets freaked out when going to the dentist, this is the place for you. The staff are good at making you feel comfortable and Dr Thurman makes everything pretty much painless. I very highly recommend this office, best place I’ve been to so far!

- Ashley C.

Highly Recommended!

The staff here made everything as painless as possible. No long waits and flexible scheduling.

- Lauren T

A refreshingly modern and innovative dentistry. Completely automated, paperless office with state of the art equipment. Great staff – professional, empathetic, detail oriented.

- Joe B.

I had to go in to get a front-tooth chip repaired and several cavities filled,

including a re-drill. The staff is crazy nice (Nancy the front desk lady rocks), the work was top-notch. Their technology is up to date, and they make the experience very comfortable (they have TVs and wifi headphones so you can watch hulu episodes while work’s being done). Dr Thurman is excellent and efficient. Highly recommended.

- Travis B.

Last Thursday I was eating breakfast

at a nearby restaurant when all of a sudden I found what looked like a tooth in my blueberry pancakes! I asked the server if it looked like a tooth. The server said ‘Yes”! I couldn’t understand how a tooth could fall into my pancakes. —– It was MY porcelain cap. I immediately called Dental Elements for help and they got me in right away. Dr. Thurman was able to glue it back in for me. Michael even found a blueberry in my cap. They are a great team of people. THANKS!!

- susans

Wonderful office and great staff.

The prices are reasonable and the staff is understanding if you can’t pay for certain things – they will inform you of the cost and ask what you want unlike other offices where people just assume. Everyone was nice to me, even though I was scared, and the work they performed looks really great. Cleaning was very gentle, too.

- anonymous

Dr. Thurman is great!

I found him and his staff to be very knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. They also use cutting edge technology; patients can rest assured they’re getting the highest industry standard. I’ve had numerous procedures done at Dental Elements and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable dentist.

- Jenna Levesque

Great service.

Very nice and experienced dental assistants.

- nataliec

Awesome Dentist, Staff, and Office

This office is amazing. I needed a lot of work done crowns, root canals, cavities etc. I hate going to the dentist but this office is wonderful. Here’s why: 1. Beautiful office with fantastic modern decor making my visit feel like a visit to some upscale spa. 2. Cutting edge technology making my visit’s faster and more efficient. 3. Green….this office is paperless they send e-mail reminders and text reminders for appointments. 4. Reasonably priced. 5. Incredibly friendly and professional staff. 6. All of my work looks beautiful!! I could go on but you need to experience them for yourself.

- Anonymous

Great service!

I love this dental office. The staff is friendly, the clinic is clean, and they do a great job on my teeth! I would recommend Dental Elements to anyone!

- jenniferb

One of my teeth had to be extracted

due to an abscess and Dr. Thurman had to work on it a bit to get it out. I put up quite a rant since I have had two frightening experiences with extractions when I was a child. The two dentists that I had back then were both good, but I was just terrified by whatever gas I was given by one, and being shown my tooth by the other! Michael finally sat me down and gave me a nice comforting blanket (he should have brought a straight jacket) and a little cloth bee for me to squeeze. Dr. Thurman walked me through each step and even talked to me about sewing and stories about his grandmother and family. Those acts of kindness mean a lot to a patient. When I got home I took my antibiotics and I actually didn’t have much pain. The entire procedure was not that bad and I can return without too much fear. Oh–and Victoria was there to ensure me that everything would work out fine after she cleaned my teeth!

- susans

My Experience at Dental Elements

I found the staff at Dental Elements to be caring, knowledgeable and efficient. I would not hesitate to recommend family, friends and coworkers to them.

- robertk

First dentist that really explains

what they plan on doing and walk you through every step, even while going through the process! Show you pictures of what they are talking about so you know what they are going to do. Doesn’t hurt that they have WiFi and you can watch Hulu while they are doing work on your teeth!

- anonymous

Emergency Care with a smile and with compassion

Our family had a dental emergency, which required immediate attention. Since the emergency happened right before a national three day holiday, we faced the possibility of weekend discomfort With little notice Dr. Thurman and his staff arranged for an office visit, between other appointments and corrected the problem. He is a skilled Dentist, but we also appreciate his empathy and flexibility, to help when unexpected things happen. Five starts in our book!!

- marciam

Fantastic staff and expertise!

- ramair

Positive and Professional

Dr. Thurman and staff created the best dental experience we have had. They took their time to explain everything and really discuss our options. The office was beautiful and warm and really made us feel comfortable. I’m very happy to say we have found a dentist we can stick with for years to come. Thank you!

- amber

Have you ever longed for an above average dentist

who knows how to take care of the vast majority of your dental needs, and truly cares about you? A dentist who doesn’t want you to ALWAYS have to take time off from work to see him? A dentist who doesn’t have you running all over town from one specialist to another because he is capable of doing many procedures himself? And on top of all this, is a really nice person? Well then settle down and make Dr. David Thurman your go to dentist. Just like I did, and will continue to do. Also please know his staff is also right up there in quality. And like a cherry on top, you won’t have to beg for an appointment that is convenient for you, the scheduler will do everything possible to accommodate you. Cost?, Well you’ll still be able to make your mortgage payments so you get my point. And don’t overlook that Dental Elements location is just a short distance from Denver’s Union Station. My previous reviews: This was my first visit to Dental Elements, the purpose being to have a consultation with Dr. David R. Thurman. Several years ago I had extensive dental work done in another state, and now having moved to Denver I need a dentist qualified to help me keep my mouth in good health. After spending considerable time discussing my dental history with Dr. Thurman I feel confident he is capable of providing me with high quality care. There are several dentists in my area, and I had planned to interview at least four. Dr. Thurman was the second dentist I met with, and I do not feel a need to speak to anyone else. In addition to his qualifications and experience, Dr. Thurman is a very engaging person, open to questions about his level of expertise and dental philosophy, and very pleasant. For me, in addition to dental qualifications, these are very important qualities in a dentist, and a must have. My second appointment was just as pleasant and effective as my first appointment. I’m very pleased with the dental service I have received to date, and very comfortable in recommending this practice.

- Dina K

Thank you!

1st visit: I had crowns placed by a different dentist 1 year ago and since then I haven’t been able to bite down on potato chips, let alone raw vegetables, without sharp pain. Dr. Thurman could immediately identify a few key problems with my original crown and his staff mapped a thorough dental plan in order of priority. 2nd visit: Dr. Thurman talked me through everything he was doing as he broke down my old crown and even sent me a personal email over the weekend to check in on any pain. 3rd visit: Permanent crown was placed and by the time I walked out of his office there was no pain and I immediately started biting down on hard food without even noticing. No pain! Thank you!

- Lisa

Great new dental office

They have a very friendly staff, all the new x-ray equipment, and do a great job. Highly recommended.

- Jonathan

Awesome Experience

I just moved to Denver and lost a cap over the holidays. Dr. Thurman worked me in as an emergency. Michael was an awesome assistant; made me feel comfortable as he explained the procedure. I loved my dentist in Houston and thought I would never find a dentist I trusted as much as her but Dr. Thurman is my new favorite dentist and his staff; including the nice lady at the front desk are wonderful. He did great work and my cost was much less than I expected! Latest technology used by Dr. Thurman too. Awesome experience.

- sherris

After years at a dentist…

…with the most intimidating receptionist and dentist who liked to joke about how bad my teeth looked and made me panic every visit, I decided it was time to make a change. That’s when I found Dental Elements. Wow, what an all around fantastic place. Beautiful office, nicest receptionist you could ever ask for, a knowledgeable doctor who gives it to you straight and honest, and the worlds best hygienist, Josie! Not to mention state of the art equipment and entertainment. Josie was so thorough (removed cement from my braces that others ignored!) but so gentle at the same time. After her “sand blasting” polish my teeth have never felt and looked so amazing. This was something I never had had done, so she checked with me every 5 seconds to make sure I was not in pain or uncomfortable. The music was upbeat, but I didn’t hear much else because I was too busy watching Alcatraz and had big cushy head phones on.

- Nadia D

The place to go..

This office is ultra-modern, hip, super-friendly and welcoming, and most importantly Dr. Thurman and the staff are the best I have ever been treated by. When I shopped around for some cosmetic dental work, Dental Elements were the only ones who did not give me a run around and explained everything in terms I could understand. The Doctor came in on the weekend to resolve an issue I had with some temps and took care of me without any hesitation. It is not easy finding an expert dentist that makes you feel that comfortable; so I strongly suggest you get yourself there and take care of your teeth (and/or make them really pretty as well.) Highly recommended.

- Wadi

Comforting Dental Experience

I went to Dr. Thurman for an emergency crown and not only were the staff at Dental Elements able to fit me into their schedule for first thing the next morning, they made the time I spent there very comfortable and relaxing. Starting at this practice has made me realize that many other dental practices are sub-par when it comes to technology, patient consultation, and industry knowledge. It is very clear to me that Dr. Thurman is fully committed to helping his patients and his staff really goes above and beyond to be friendly and make me feel welcome. I have never known a dentist or practice who will see you on a Saturday, offer to deliver a prescription to you personally, respond to your email immidiately, or actually give out personal phone numbers for emergencies! Great service!

- Kelly

I came here last month to get a chipped tooth fixed.

Michael and Dr. Thurman bonded my tooth. They were both very friendly and professional. It was a pretty quick and painless procedure. Afterward when I took a look at the bonded tooth, it looked good as new. The bonding was the exact same color as my tooth. I could not even see where it was done. It feels like my normal tooth too. I paid a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this place and staff.

- Matthew H.

Thanks for going to great lengths to help me! I appreciate it!

I will be in touch with the x-rays ASAP. Max

- normanm

I would highly recommend Dr. Thurman

I would highly recommend Dr. Thurman and his team to be your new dental office. His assistant, and front office staff is so great with patient interaction and they all really made me feel so relaxed with the services they provided me. If you are looking for a very upscale dentist with todays modern equipment. Check out Dental Elements. I personally was slacking on some dental treatment that needed to be addressed. They got me back on track and now I actually look at my next dental visit like I am going to the day spa.

- Max

They can even make the most basic of cleanings a great experience!

Can never complain when I visit Dental Elements: prompt assistance, helpful/educated staff, a smile on everyone’s face!! Always a great time with Dr. Thurman and friends!

- amandam

Dear Dr Thurman & Staff,

Thank you so much for letting me drop in on you on Monday. I was in so much pain and you were all so accommodating to make sure that I was evaluated and treated as soon as possible. I feel so much better. Thank you again for making that possible.

- Katie