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Clinpro 5000 1.1% sodium fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste is an advanced formula containing an innovative tri-calcium phosphate ingredient. The optimized formula makes Clinpro 5000 toothpaste an outstanding choice. It contains fluoride as well as calcium and phosphate, which are components naturally found in saliva.


  • Use once daily in place of conventional toothpaste unless instructed otherwise by a physician or dentist (usually just before bedtime).
  • Apply a thin ribbon or pea-sized amount of Clinpro 5000 Anti-Cavity Toothpaste using a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush teeth for at least two minutes.
  • After brushing adults should expectorate. Do Not Rinse (Adults)
  • Children 6 to 16 years of age should expectorate and rinse mouth thoroughly with water.


  • Strengthens teeth better than leading brands
  • Reverses white spots better than leading brands
  • Delivers more fluoride to the tooth than other tested leading brands
  • Contains 1.1% NaF (5000 ppm fluoride ion)
  • Contains an innovative calcium and phosphate ingredient
  • Gentle cleaning, gentle whitening
  • Low abrasion
  • Replaces conventional toothpaste regimen
  • Available in a convenient 4oz flip-top tube
  • Pleasant Vanilla Mint Flavor
  • Recommended for ages 12 years and up (okay for ages 6 to 12 years but must rinse after use)
  • 2 year shelf life


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I had a long overdue deep cleaning, root canal/crown, AND fillings within a month. Dr. Thurman, Morgan, Kathy and staff were very attentive and kind with not ONLY the procedures and explanations but with checking up on me after the root canal. Also great at helping me figure out my insurance coverage and payments. Dental Elements is GREAT.

- Steve

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